👅 TinyTranslator

a minimalistic translator library


given the example translations, en.js:

module.exports = {
    language: 'english',
    hello: 'hello!',
    colours: {
        red: 'red',
        green: 'green',
        blue: 'blue',
    count: '{count} items',

and pl.js:

module.exports = {
    language: 'polski',
    hello: 'cześć!',
    colours: {
        red: 'czerwone',
        green: 'zielone',
    count: 'liczba wpisów: {count}',

you can initialise the translator like this:

const TinyTranslator = require('avris-tinytranslator');

const translator = new TinyTranslator({
    en: require('../translations/en.js'),
    pl: require('../translations/pl.js'),
}, 'en');

the last parameter specifies a default language – it will be selected at the initialisation and also used as a fallback if a translation is missing from another language.

translator.translate('hello'); // 'hello!'
translator.translate('colours.green'); // 'green'
translator.translate('colours.blue'); // 'blue'
translator.translate('count', {count: 5}); // '5 items'

you can manually select another language:

translator.translate('hello'); // 'cześć!'
translator.translate('colours.green'); // 'zielone'
translator.translate('colours.blue'); // 'blue' (fallback from english)
translator.translate('count', {count: 5}); // 'liczba wpisów: 5'

or detect it automatically:


you can also make the translations reactive by simply passing a ref('en') object as the default language.

if you set a special translation key language, it will be used to provide a dictionary like this via translator.languages():

    en: 'english',
    pl: 'polski',


node tests.js     # run tests
node homepage.js  # regenerate homepage from readme

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